Everything You Should Know about a Flipper Tooth

Everything You Should Know about a Flipper Tooth

Dec 01, 2022

If you recently visited the emergency dental clinic for treatment after an impact on your mouth injuring a tooth severely, they might recommend getting the tooth extracted and replacing it with all of the various options available as tooth replacement solutions. When you confront challenges with missing teeth, there are multiple ways to close the gaps in your smile. One option available is to use a Flipper tooth, alternatively called acrylic removable partial denture.

A Flipper tooth is similar to a removable retainer fitting along the roof of your mouth or your lower jaw having one or other prosthetic teeth attached. When placed in the mouth, a Flipper tooth provides you with a complete smile even after losing teeth due to injury, tooth decay, or extraction. In addition, a Flipper tooth is an interim partial denture available from your dentist by providing them impressions of your mouth to help them fabricate from a dental lab.

The Toronto dentist has your Flipper tooth fabricated from the dental laboratory to ensure it fits your mouth and closes gaps between your teeth with artificial teeth. Acrylic dental grade resin helps make the Flipper tooth.

If you have lost one or more teeth and are considering dental prosthetics, this composition provides all information about a Flipper tooth and other therapeutic options to help you make proper choices.

Benefits of a Flipper tooth

A Flipper tooth has some advantages, making it an attractive prosthetic dental option. They include

  • Affordability: a Flipper tooth costs fewer dollars than alternative partial dentures.
  • Appearance: the appearance of a Flipper tooth is relatively natural.
  • Quick Preparation: after the dentist in Western Toronto takes impressions of your mouth, the waiting time is not endless before you receive your flipper tooth.
  • Comfortable to Wear: Wearing a Flipper tooth is not challenging if you know how to pop things in your mouth.
  • Existing Teeth Stabilization: a Flipper tooth stabilizes your remaining teeth making them less likely to shift out of position.

Can You Eat with a Flipper Tooth?

If you miss a couple of teeth, you confront challenges in eating and chewing. However, using a Flipper tooth helps to overcome the obstacles comfortably because the prosthetics make it comfortable for you to chew better with it than without. However, you must exercise caution when eating with a flipper tooth because of the fragile material that helps make them making them prone to breakage.

Drawbacks of a Flipper Tooth

Although you benefit from using a Flipper tooth to close gaps in your smile, you must also endure some drawbacks. They are:

  • Durability: as the material helping make them is inexpensive, the Flipper tooth is not durable as other options like full and partial denture treatment and is prone to damage from cracking. Unfortunately, if you break your flipper tooth, you will need repairs or replacements of the prosthetics.
  • Discomfort: you will experience pain in your mouth when using a flipper tooth. The discomfort makes talking and eating feel unnatural. If your flipper tooth is painful, consider an appointment with the dentist in Western Toronto to have them look at it.
  • Allergic Reactions: before getting a Flipper tooth, you must discuss your allergies with your dentist, especially if you want to avoid allergic reactions from the materials used to make your flipper tooth.
  • Maintenance: a Flipper tooth encases the gums and prevents saliva flow in the area, preventing the saliva from cleaning your gums and increasing gum recession.
  • Loosening: a Flipper tooth is designed to fit your existing teeth. Unfortunately, regular use can cause the prosthetic to loosen, needing adjustments from the dentist to ensure it fits snugly.

How Much Does a Flipper Tooth Cost?

A flipper tooth is the most affordable prosthetic tooth option. However, the costs of a Flipper tooth can vary according to the materials used and how many teeth the prosthetic will replace. For example, you can expect to pay around $ 300-$ 500 for an anterior Flipper tooth. You can also expect additional costs from periodic adjustments or repairs that may become necessary.

How Do I Clean My Flipper Tooth?

Cleaning your flipper tooth is not challenging if you stick to regular maintenance. You must clean the Flipper tooth daily to remove plaque and food particles. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush with warm water and mild soap and rinse the Flipper tooth thoroughly before placing it in your mouth. However, do not use toothpaste for cleaning the Flipper tooth because you might damage it. You must also care for your overall dental health by ensuring your existing teeth are healthy and free from gum disease, tooth decay, sensitivity, and discomfort. Get dental cleanings at six-month intervals from your dentist, besides brushing twice daily and flossing once without exceptions.

King and Weston Dental provides a Flipper tooth if you need a temporary option to close the gaps between teeth due to missing or extracted teeth. Contact the practice for a consultation to determine whether you are a candidate for a Flipper tooth before getting alternative permanent restorations.

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