Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene in Weston, Toronto, ON

A bright and healthy smile is the centerpiece of any face. But to keep the smile healthy, you need to engage in regular oral hygiene. This means caring for your teeth and gums at home while also seeking out preventive treatment from professionals like our staff at King and Weston Dental in Toronto, ON.

What Is Oral Hygiene?

Oral hygiene refers to the cleanliness of the mouth, including the teeth, gums, and other essential soft tissues like the insides of the cheeks. To maintain proper oral hygiene, people need to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis to remove trapped food particles as well as a sticky substance called plaque. Plaque is a layer of bacteria that is left behind whenever someone eats or drinks.

How Can a Dentist Help?

Dentists are experts in caring for your smile and helping you achieve good oral hygiene. To do so, we utilize preventive care or treatments which eliminate threats to your teeth and gums. Some of the most common forms of preventive care are regular professional cleanings and exams.

During a cleaning, we use specialized tools to eliminate the plaque and tartar that you miss using a regular toothbrush. We also offer additional protective treatments like the application of fluoride or dental sealants. These preserve the enamel and keep you smiling for longer.

How to Care for Your Smile at Home

While visiting a dentist is important, you also need to practice good hygiene every day at home. To give your teeth the best chance at staying healthy, you should brush and floss twice a day using products that have been approved by professionals. Remember to use a soft-bristled brush and avoid pushing too hard since the pressure can damage your teeth.

When possible, choose a fluoridated toothpaste and rinse with mouthwash once you are done. You can also adjust your diet to reduce harmful sugar and instead focus on healthier alternatives like fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you need help achieving and maintaining good oral hygiene in Toronto, ON, schedule an appointment today with us at King and Weston Dental.

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