Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry in Weston, Toronto, ON

Restorative dentistry is different compared to cosmetic dentistry in that restorative procedures help replace missing teeth. Once dental restorations are in place, they often help prevent further deterioration of the problem. Timely restorations can help minimize the likelihood of future complications and expenses.

What Restorative Dentistry Near You Involves

Many times, despite excellent oral care and hygiene, adults may still lose teeth due to various reasons. Restorative dentistry involves three main parts:

  • Diagnosis of the problem: Our experts will evaluate your problem and suggest suitable solutions
  • Treatment of the problem
  • Prevention of future problems related to the missing tooth or teeth

Missing teeth can affect our appearance, self-esteem, and confidence levels, and they also impact oral and overall health. When a patient loses natural teeth, there is usually an uneven distribution of bite force, additional strain on adjacent teeth, and increased risks of under or overbite.

The most common examples of restorations include fillings, dental crowns, implants, and bridges. Our Toronto dentist offers a comprehensive range of modern, painless, and effective restorations to meet your requirements. Regular dental exams and cleanings can help minimize and even prevent the need for complex dental procedures.

This is why the staff at King and Weston Dental in Toronto, ON recommends bi-annual dental visits to all their esteemed patients.

Why You Need Dental Restorations

The importance of dental restorations goes much beyond the improvement in your appearance or a better smile. For example, dental restorations help:

  • Fill empty spaces and gaps in the mouth for better alignment and bite
  • Replace missing teeth which makes it easier to brush and floss properly; they can reduce the risks associated with plaque build-up in empty spaces near the gumline

Thanks to powerful dental technology and professional expertise, patients nowadays have a wide range of restorative dental products and services to choose from. King and Weston Dental is happy to tailor specialized plans according to your needs.

As we offer a flexible range of payment options, patients can comfortably proceed with treatments that they need. Contact King and Weston Dental in Toronto, ON for information regarding fillings, crowns, and implants.

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