Understanding the Causes and Treatments of Halitosis

Understanding the Causes and Treatments of Halitosis

Jun 09, 2021

In dentistry, many people focus on the health of their teeth, and sometimes their gums. While that is important, it should not be the only area of focus if you intend to excel in oral health. The smell of your oral cavity, for example, can imply a lot about the health of your mouth thereof. It is why halitosis is a big concern in dentistry.

What Is Halitosis?

It is a medical term used to refer to mouth odor and is commonly known as bad breath. It happens to many people at different stages of life. For the most part, bad mouth odor can be improved without treatment. This happens in cases where the underlying cause of the problem is dietary. As such, the bad smell clears off after a few days or with proper brushing.

However, some patients have to seek treatment from a dentist near them for bad mouth odor. In such cases, the underlying cause of the problem makes it hard for the smell to clear off on its own.

Common Halitosis Causes in Dentistry

Bad breath has different causes, some more prevalent than others. As you consider seeking treatment for Halitosis in Weston, Toronto, ON, here are some possible causes of your bad mouth odor:

1. Poor oral hygiene – is the most common cause of halitosis. When food residues in your mouth combine with saliva and bacteria over time, they form plaque. It is a sticky substance that sits on the surfaces of your mouth, producing sulfur compounds that have a foul smell. Neglecting to brush your teeth frequently and consistently allows the old and stale food particles thereof to be the cause of your mouth’s odor.

2. Food – some foods have strong smells that can easily leave your mouth smelling bad. Examples of such foods are the onion family, including garlic and red onions. If you consume them raw or in high amounts, they can leave a strong smell in your mouth.

3. A lingering infection – an infection in any part of your mouth can cause your mouth to stink. One of the most common infections that leads to bad smells in your mouth is gum infection. The gum tissue is a large organ in your mouth. When it gets infected, it is not hard to see why it can affect how your mouth smells. Besides, the mouth sores that develop due to this kind of infection are already reason enough to cause an odor in your oral cavity.

4. Tooth decay – when people caution you about dental cavities, they do not say much about the effects it may have on your oral health. Dentists in Weston, Toronto, ON who treat mouth odor start by examining the health of your teeth. If you have dental decay, it may be the sole cause of your mouth’s bad smell. In that case, treating the damaged tooth comes first before halitosis treatment.

Treatment Alternatives for Halitosis

When it comes to treating the smell in your mouth, approaches differ. It depends on the underlying cause of your problem. In many instances, treating the cause of the problem will improve the smell in your oral cavity instantly. In that case, some of the treatment options involve lifestyle adjustments, while others entail treating other dental problems.

1. Brush your teeth at least twice every day – this will ensure that there are no food residues left in your mouth after you eat.

2. Floss daily – flossing does the extra work that brushing can’t do. It helps remove food particles between your teeth, which can as well lead to plaque build-up and bad breath.

3. Hydrate – water seems to be a remedy to many health issues in the human body. For your mouth, staying hydrated can improve the smell thereof. It is also good practice to rinse your mouth, getting rid of any loose debris thereof.

4. Seek treatment for Gingivitis – it is a medical term that refers to gum disease. Treating the infection on your gum tissue will improve the smell of your mouth.

5. Treat decayed teeth – whether through a root canal procedure or a tooth extraction, removing a decayed tooth will help improve the smell of your mouth.

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