Can braces fix teeth permanently?

Can braces fix teeth permanently?

Aug 01, 2022

You get orthodontic braces to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth, hoping you might find freedom from dental infections because of improper dental hygiene and display a straighter smile. After completing your treatment and achieving your goal, you might think the braces have provided you with a permanent fix for the problem with your teeth. However, is it a reality or a myth that your teeth will remain straight after receiving treatment from the orthodontist near you?

Unfortunately, the reality is entirely different because your teeth are stubborn and tend to move back to their original positions after treatment with orthodontic braces, whether metal or plastic clear aligners. Your orthodontist might surprise you with information that you must wear retainers over your teeth after completing orthodontic treatment. However, the retainers help hold your teeth in their new positions and are a requirement better not overlooked unless you have prepared yourself to get back your crooked teeth. Therefore if you have invested in orthodontic treatment, you must protect your investment to benefit your dental health and smile.

What age is best for braces?

The age to receive orthodontic treatment with braces doesn’t matter. Generally, orthodontists recommend 12 or 13 when all permanent teeth have erupted is the optimal time to get braces when the tooth roots are malleable to movement. However, adults with all their permanent teeth are also eligible for treatment with braces.

Currently, millions of people in Canada beyond the age of 29 are receiving braces to straighten their crooked and misaligned teeth confirming that the treatment is not age specific. People of all ages completing permanent teeth development can consider themselves eligible for treatment with braces.

If you are concerned about how you can maintain the new smile you achieved after completing treatment with teeth braces, you receive help from your orthodontist, who recommends wearing retainers to prevent your teeth from drifting back. You might find the information disappointing to have another alien appliance in your mouth after undergoing lengthy orthodontic treatment. Unfortunately, you must adhere to your orthodontist’s instructions to benefit your straighter teeth.

Protecting Straight Teeth after Braces

The dental clinic in Western Toronto initially recommends wearing retainers on your teeth throughout the day and at night when sleeping. The retainers are similar to the braces but might feel strange in the initial stages. However, you get accustomed to wearing them eventually.

After several months your orthodontist might recommend wearing the retainers only at night when sleeping. If you think you might lose your retainers or cannot commit to wearing them as prescribed, the dental clinic might recommend permanent retainers secured in your mouth. You will not be able to remove the permanent retainers because they are fixed in your mouth. These appliances are an excellent option to keep your teeth straight as long as possible because removable retainers don’t fit your lifestyle.

The natural aging process also affects your smile by shifting your teeth. In addition, bone loss or tooth loss problems can also result in drifting off your teeth, making you self-conscious with your smile. Fortunately, orthodontists have techniques available to resolve the issues affecting you to ensure you don’t have to lead an insecure life fearing that your teeth might shift back to affect your smile.

How To Prevent Your Teeth From Shifting?

Besides wearing retainers, orthodontists recommend the following to prevent your teeth from drifting back to their original positions.

Keep an Eye on Your Teeth: You, as the owner of your teeth, can determine whenever you notice any changes with them. In such cases, discuss the matter with your dentist without wasting time because the sooner you have treatment for the condition are better it is for you to maintain your healthy and beautiful smile.

Caring for Your Teeth: Caring for your teeth is your responsibility, making it essential for you to keep your dental health in excellent shape. You must not neglect brushing and flossing daily as your dentist recommends and get dental prophylaxis after six months.

Treatment for Bruxism: Get treatment for teeth grinding and clenching if you are affected by bruxism. Bruxism causes gum recession making you lose the support of your teeth, causing them to shift. When you don’t have adequate support for your teeth, they will likely begin drifting back to give you a crooked smile.

Treating Gum Disease: If you notice bleeding when brushing and flossing, consider visiting your dentist to determine whether you have gum disease and receive treatment at the earliest. Gum disease deteriorates your jawbone making your teeth loose to either shift or fall off.

Orthodontic treatments do not permanently shift your crooked teeth. Therefore, you must wear retainers as recommended by your orthodontist after completing your treatment. However, if you adhere to the requirements of the therapy, you can have a beautiful smile to show off your teeth proudly.

Looking to straighten your teeth and concerned about how long they will remain in their new positions, we recommend you schedule a free consultation with King and Weston dental to have all your questions answered before you begin treatment with them.

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