Halitosis in Weston, Toronto, ON

Do you suffer from bad breath that never goes away, even when you brush your teeth? Has it started to affect your life by making you self-conscious or wary about speaking in public?

Chronic bad breath is a common problem and goes by the name halitosis.

When someone has halitosis, it can be a sign of an underlying problem or condition that requires treatment. To receive a proper diagnosis and custom treatment plan, consider scheduling an appointment with our specialists at King and Weston Dental. We offer quality treatment for halitosis in Toronto and can help you overcome your bad breath.

What Are the Causes of Halitosis?

Our first step in helping you recover is determining the cause of your bad breath. There are several reasons why someone might have this condition, including poor oral hygiene, dietary choices, and even some medical conditions.

Almost 80 percent of halitosis cases can be attributed to oral hygiene. Often, individuals develop bad breath because they are not brushing and flossing properly. This allows food particles and bacteria to accumulate between the teeth and even in the gums. Over time, these particles produce bad odors and lead to problems like gum disease and dental decay.

Chronic bad breath might also be the result of the food you eat. Someone who consumes a high protein and low carbohydrate will develop bad breath, as will someone who consumes too much alcohol, tobacco, sugar, or coffee.

Finally, a rare symptom of serious disorders, kidney disease, tonsil infections, and diabetes is halitosis.

Available Treatment

Once our dentist identifies a potential cause, we can prescribe a broad range of treatments. In most cases, this will involve a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums to eliminate bacteria. Antibiotics might also be used to handle an oral infection. If diet or disease is the issue, we can recommend changes in behavior and direct you to a medical physician.

Don’t let bad breath control your life. If you are struggling with halitosis and would like to find a specialist near you, come and see us today at King and Weston Dental Toronto office.

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