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Dental Bridges in Weston, Toronto, ON

Our patients at King and Weston Dental in Toronto, ON usually have two types of responses to missing teeth. The first is that they can’t wait to replace the missing tooth or teeth, while the second is that they couldn’t care less. Those who are often eager to replace a tooth are the people who lost one of their front teeth.

The truth is that you should be eager to replace a missing tooth regardless of where it is. At King and Weston Dental, we’ve seen people neglect to replace a tooth and face the consequences. Consequences can include teeth shifting out of place and difficulty chewing or speaking. Fortunately, we have many restorative options for you, like dental bridges.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

A dental bridge is a structure that carries an artificial tooth. Just like a bridge, the tooth is suspended between two structures. The ends of the bridge need to be attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap. These teeth will need to be modified and fitted with dental crowns so we can attach the bridge to them.

If the adjacent teeth aren’t healthy enough, a bridge might not be an option. Plus, if they decay or suffer from dental problems, in the long run, the bridge could be compromised.

What to Expect

Dental bridges are permanent, just like dental implants. The only restorative option that can be removed by the patient and placed back on is a denture. You’ll have very few restrictions when you get a dental bridge. The main one will be taking care of what you bite and chew. Anything too hard can break the bridge because it’s not as solid as your natural teeth.

You’ll have to come in for regular visits and checkups so we can assess the bridge and maintain it. Patients are also advised to brush their teeth and floss. You need to take care of your dental bridge just as you would your natural teeth. Bridges and other artificial dental products can stain and will be affected by your diet. Patients are recommended to take care of their caffeine and tobacco intake too.

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