Different Types of Emergency Dentistry Services

Different Types of Emergency Dentistry Services

Jan 01, 2021

Dental emergencies can affect anyone, and these are conditions when you must seek prompt dental attention to save a tooth or alleviate the pain you are experiencing. These services must be attended to by a dental professional without delays because it can cause permanent damage or require more intensive treatments later on.

You may not know whether the tooth pain affecting you or infection requires attention from emergency dentist Toronto. However, the best way to determine whether or not you need emergency dental care is to go through this article to understand which type of emergencies need urgent dental care.

Here are some instances that require emergency dental services promptly without delays:

Excruciating Toothache

You may think the pain from a severe toothache can quickly be alleviated using over-the-counter painkillers that allow you to ignore the problem in the short term. However, it is best to contact an emergency dental clinic right away not merely for relief from the pain but also to identify the underlying cause for the discomfort. Toothaches are sometimes associated with a medical problem concerning the nasal tissues or ears, mainly if the discomfort originates from the same area. Painkillers undoubtedly provide you temporary relief, but an accurate diagnosis from the dentist in Weston, ON, will help you get proper treatment and avoid complications.

Lost Fillings Or Crowns

Lost fillings or crowns are also painful besides the embarrassment of meeting people displaying gaps between your teeth. However, these are not dental emergencies and can wait until your regular dentist can see you. Therefore it doesn’t make sense for you to rush seeking emergency dental care and paying higher prices for the treatment.


Even minor oral problems should never be ignored, thinking you can handle it with the pain. An infection in your mouth can lead to significant issues needing prompt attention from King and Weston Dental. The condition could result from a dental abscess from an untreated cavity. The bump would have infected your jawbone with the potential to spread into your bloodstream.

You can think about alleviating the pain by using any medications or visiting an emergency ER. However, unless you have the abscess treated by a dental professional, it continues to spread, causing havoc in your body and leading to several complications. You must visit an emergency dental clinic if you notice an infection in your mouth beyond office hours, but if you contact the Weston dentist, you will receive an appointment as soon as possible, perhaps to undergo root canal treatment or any other remedy to treat the condition.

Knocked-out Tooth

Accidents can occur at any time, leaving you with a knocked-out tooth. In such cases, instead of worrying about your smile, you must look for the knocked-out tooth, pick it up by the crown, gently rinse it and place it back in your socket if possible. If you cannot put it back into the socket, you should keep the tooth moist in a cup of milk and try to reach the dentist’s office within 30 minutes. You can begin thinking about your smile and methods to close the gap between your teeth if you don’t manage to reach your dentist within the time specified. Any chances of reinserting the tooth in the socket would be lost after 30 minutes, making it essential for you to search for tooth replacement solutions.

Excessive Bleeding From the Mouth

Trauma to the gums, cheeks, lips, or tongue can result in excessive bleeding. You can put a cold compress on the injury site to stop the bleeding. However, if you fail, the best option for you would be to visit an emergency dentist right away. The dental professional may stitch the area or cauterize the tissue to inhibit the bleeding eventually.

When affected by any dental emergency, you must understand some problems can wait for a day or even a week. However, most examples mentioned in this discussion require prompt attention from a dental professional and not any other medical professional. Medical professionals from emergency rooms aren’t authorized to provide dental treatments, and your choices are limited either to your regular dentist or an emergency dental clinic if the issue affects you beyond office hours.

It is practically impossible to predict or prevent dental emergencies. However, you can adopt precautions to determine whether you are susceptible to any significant dental issues by attending regular dental exams and checkups and maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Adopting the protection will help you prepare yourself for dental emergencies as and when they occur by indicating what is wrong in your mouth.

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