Missing Front Teeth Shouldn’t Concern You Because Dental Bridges Can Replace Them

Missing Front Teeth Shouldn’t Concern You Because Dental Bridges Can Replace Them

Apr 01, 2021

Missing front teeth is always a concerning issue because it impacts your smile. You wouldn’t want to display the gaps between your teeth and think you must have the gap bridged at the earliest. You may think your smile is the only casualty from the missing teeth without realizing that you may soon confront pain from the additional stress on your other teeth and jaw, biting problems, and chewing difficulties.

If you cannot endure the blank space you display between your front teeth, an excellent way to overcome the deficiency is to visit the dentist in Weston, Toronto, ON, seeking a replacement for the tooth you lost. The dentist providing dental bridges in Weston, Toronto, ON offers you a tooth bridge to restore your teeth’ appearance and function besides relieving you from the problem with your smile.

Dental bridges are useful to replace a missing tooth or teeth. You may have lost the tooth due to injury or disease or may have a missing tooth since birth due to genetic conditions. So long as you have healthy teeth on both sides of the blank space, you can have a dental bridge in between to restore your teeth’ functionality and your appearance.

Do Dental Bridges Appear like Natural Teeth?

As your requirement is for a dental bridge front teeth, the Weston dentist places two crowns on the teeth neighboring the gap to give you traditional bridges. A fake tooth called Pontic closes the gap by attaching it to the crowns. Conventional bridges are the most common, with two crowns attached to neighboring supporting teeth with a false tooth.

If you have merely one supporting teeth available, you receive a cantilever dental bridge that doesn’t require supporting teeth on both sides of the gap.

Dental bridges are made from porcelain fused to metal, metals, and ceramic. They are customized for you after preparing your teeth to accommodate them in your mouth. Dental bridges are not natural teeth but are customized by the dental laboratory to appear and function like them. Therefore if you have decided to replace the missing tooth with dental bridges, rest assured you have chosen wisely.

Are There Any Alternatives for Replacing a Missing Front Tooth?

Alternatives are indeed available with options like partial dentures or dental implants. You can discuss your options with King and Weston dental, where the dentist helps figure out an excellent choice for your specific needs.

How Intensive Is the Dental Bridge Procedure?

To complete the dental bridge procedure, you require at least two appointments with the Weston dentist.

The first appointment is to reshape the abutment teeth to accommodate the crown. Enamel and dentin removal is essential for correct crown placement. After the preparation, the dentist either scans or takes impressions of your teeth for the dental laboratory to customize your bridge and fake tooth. You receive a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth while the dental laboratory customizes your bridge.

The second appointment is when the Weston dentist removes the temporary bridge to place the permanent bridge in your mouth. The dentist carefully checks the bridge and makes adjustments if necessary to ensure it fits you comfortably.

Dental bridges remain with you for many years with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist for exams and cleanings. They are an excellent option to replace missing front teeth or even your molars. Dental bridges prevent a host of dental issues from affecting you, enabling you to smile, eat, speak, and chew efficiently.

Is It Easy Caring for Dental Bridges?

Caring for your dental bridges is not a challenge if you are accustomed to maintaining excellent dental hygiene. You must make every effort possible to prevent tooth decay and gum disease leading causes of tooth loss. For good tooth and gum care, You must:

Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once. The dental bridge provider can demonstrate appropriate techniques to brush and floss. You must incorporate specific changes by including a floss threader helping you slide the floss between the bridge and your gums. You must have a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and limit chewing fibrous foods like some meat varieties.

Most importantly, don’t forget to get regular dental cleanings to detect any issues with your bridge and gums. Getting problems detected early and treated provides successful outcomes.

If you have replaced your missing front tooth with a dental bridge, you have undoubtedly closed the gap between your teeth. Care for the fake tooth as recommended by your dentist, and the dental bridge serves as an excellent replacement for the tooth you lost.

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