Why Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Why Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Sep 01, 2020

Wisdom teeth are common even though they don’t develop in everyone. They develop around age 18 to 25. In some cases, wisdom teeth don’t have to be extracted. However, if your wisdom teeth are causing problems then they should be extracted sooner. In this article, we will help you know all that you need to know about wisdom teeth.

Why You Should Remove Wisdom Teeth

Any good dentist in Weston, Toronto, ON would recommend removal of wisdom teeth. These are some of the reasons why you might need to remove your wisdom teeth.

#1: Small Mouth

If you develop wisdom teeth in a small mouth, the teeth will have to be removed. This is because your jaw won’t have enough space to accommodate these teeth. Wisdom tooth pain and discomfort are common for people with small mouths.

#2: Impacted Wisdom Tooth

When the wisdom teeth fail to come out properly as expected they would have to be removed. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause unbearable pain. The only solution when wisdom teeth are impacted is removal.

#3: Damage to Surrounding Teeth

Wisdom teeth can at times push the surrounding teeth when coming out or growing. This pushing results in severe pain and biting problems. Removing wisdom teeth is the only option to save the surrounding teeth and relieve your wisdom tooth gum pain. Other problems that may necessitate wisdom teeth removal include sinus issues, cavities, and inflamed gums.

#4: Preparing For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extraction does not require any tedious preparation. This procedure depends on how deeply impacted your tooth is. If it is so deep our dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon but if not deeply impacted the procedure can be done right away.

Questions to Ask Prior to the Procedure

These are some of the important questions you should ask your oral surgeon or dentist before the procedure.

  • The damage impacted teeth have caused to your other teeth
  • The number of teeth to be removed
  • The duration of the procedure
  • The duration it will take to completely heal
  • The type of anesthesia to be used

In most cases removing wisdom teeth is done as an outpatient procedure. This means the procedure will be completed on the same day. Our dentist will give you all the necessary instructions concerning the procedure.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Our dentist can use any of the three common anesthesia options to help you relax during the procedure. The type of anesthesia to be used depends on a number of factors like the complexity of the procedure. These are the anesthesia options currently available.

Sedation Anesthesia

For this option, our dentist will administer the sedative through an intravenous line. When this option is used there won’t be any pain and you won’t remember anything that happened during the procedure.

Local Anesthesia

This is administered at the site of the procedure using an injection. With local anesthesia, you will be awake during the whole procedure but you won’t feel any pain during the procedure.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia may be offered through an IV line or inhalation. There won’t be pain during the procedure as the general anesthesia renders you unconscious. This option is used when the procedure may take longer or may result in much blood loss.

What to Expect After the Procedure

You will be taken to our recovery room once the procedure is done to recover if general or sedation anesthesia was used. For local anesthesia, recovery is quicker. You should also expect the following after the procedure.


You will feel some pain after the procedure. You can manage the pain by using OTC pain relievers or prescription painkillers from our dentist. Cold treatment can also be used to relieve the pain.


Bleeding is common after this procedure. You should replace the gauze to minimize bleeding. Spitting can also cause bleeding.

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